We are changing the way the music business is run. We believe that the industry has been filled with shady practices for way too long. Our vision is to reimagine how a label should do business by focusing on collaborative partnerships, shared profits, and full transparency. To us, this business is about more than just music, it’s about changing lives. The people who join this movement can change the world for the better. At One in a Million Records, we believe you have the ability to do just that, and we are here to guide and inform you along the way.

One in a Million Records is not your typical record label. We are all about the artist, and what is best for them. We believe in allowing for creative control. You are who you are, and we will help introduce you to the world in the way you want to be known. We don’t take credit for what you represent, we just want to help magnify the part of you that you want to show. We believe that you are special, one in a million. This is a family-oriented label without any hidden intentions. We believe in each other and will do whatever it takes to get each individual that we sign to the top.

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